Sip Majesty, Taste Nobility

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Enriching Lives

At JKE, our unwavering commitment to maturity and sensibility underlies our promotion of responsible drinking. We go beyond merely offering products; we strive to provide items that not only exhibit premium quality but also align seamlessly with the unique personalities of our clientele. Our overarching goal is to deliver nothing short of the best to our valued customers.

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Est. in 1995 Regal Roots.
Majestic Aspirations.

From the meticulous manufacturing process to the delivery in stores, our lofty aspirations and unwavering commitments have collectively forged a majestic foundation. This regal groundwork is the very essence upon which we operate, bringing premium spirits to the world, within the reach of even the common man.

Discover Our Manufacturing
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Come and Witness the Artistry that defines our Spirits.

Experience the epitome of expert craftsmanship in the realm of alcohol liquor manufacturing.

Our Brands

Anticipate the arrival of excellence – Rum, Whisky, Vodka, and Gin (Coming Soon).
Elevate your spirits; something extraordinary is on the horizon.

  • London Pride
  • Milae
  • Green Park
Dear Investors

We proudly declare 'Unmatched Royalty at Affordable Prowess' as a reflection of the superior quality embedded in our brands, our team, and our company. Enriching lives through regal experiences, we aspire to deliver enduring value at prices within reach for all. We say SIP MAJESTY, TASTE NOBILITY, because it reflects the quality of our brands, our people, and our company. We enrich the lives of those around us by living our values and creating value - aspiring to deliver long-term, sustainable returns to our shareholders.

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