About JKE

We at JKE have always emphasized on being mature and sensible, and that is why we promote responsible drinking. Our aim is to serve the products that not only stand apart with their premium quality, but also coheres with your personality. We believe in giving nothing less to our customers but the best.

With the mission of being known for our quality we look ourselves as an important part of every person’s good times not only pan India but across the globe as well in future. While alcohol has always been available in our country, JKE resolved to serve the people looking upto us in their good times with the most superior quality products.

Conscious of the verity that its consumers devour a choice that stands a class apart, JKE picks the finest grain spirits available in the country to make their IMFLs. Hard work and team spirit are the two pillars of the group's foundation that has helped us serve clients with a quality that remains unparalleled.

Today, the company stands tall with an extraordinary assortment that includes- Breweries, Distillers, Caretakership, and retail business of IMFL. The company has started two brands of Indian Made Foreign Liquor. Each has a different product line of Whisky, Rum, Orange Tango Gin and Flavored Vodka. The brand promises to serve the best for the distinguished connoisseurs.