Manufacturing Unit

At JK enterprises we are offering state of art manufacturing unit.

* We have tapped into the Indian market with our high quality liquor products including Rum, Whisky, Gin, and Vodka. We offer an extensive range of beverage alcohol products in varying pack sizes to meet the market requirements.

* To do so with the best of our abilities, we have installed a BOTTLING unit at Pithampur. Our bottling facility consists of 4 semi-automatic and 1 fully automatic bottling line which is capable of bottling 2,00,000 cases per month.

* With our bottling unit, we can produce premium alcoholic beverages at par with international quality and tastes. And can meet the requirements with the size of our bottling line. We want to create a position in the market with our consistency in quality, delivery, and superior consumer experience amongst our connoisseurs.

* Water being one of the key components of our business, we are bound to use it with caution. We conduct our business with the highest standards so that we don't waste water during our operations.